Program of Studies- Academics

The Department of Education and Culture has defined the core curriculum for students in Grades 6, 7, and 8. Core is defined as those courses which are compulsory and must be offered by schools. Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Personal Development and Relationships, Physical Education, and French. The contact time for each course varies and is outlined in the Dept. of Education’s Public Schools Program document. As well, a number of elective courses and exploratory options will be offered including Art, Family Studies, Industrial Arts/Technology, and Band/Music.



It is expected that graduates from the public schools of Nova Scotia will be able to demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitudes in the areas outlined below.

Aesthetic Expression:  Graduates will be able to respond with critical awareness to various forms of the arts and be able to express themselves through the arts.

Citizenship:  Graduates will be able to assess social, cultural, economic, and environmental interdependence in a local and global context.

Personal Development:  Graduates will be able to use the strategies and processes needed to solve a wide variety of problems, including those requiring language, mathematical and scientific concepts.

Technological:  Graduates will be able to use a variety of technologies demonstrating an understanding of technological applications and apply appropriate technologies for solving problems.

Communication:  Graduates will be able to communicate using not only written and spoken language, numbers and symbols but also images, gestures, movement, music and other sounds.