625 Pine Ridge Ave

Box 279, Kingston NS   B0P 1R0

902-765-7570 (Telephone)     902-765-7572 (Fax)


Principal:  Cathy Rafuse                     Vice-Principal:  Nora Vance






Pine Ridge Middle School is a Grade 6 to 8 school located in Kingston, Nova Scotia and is part of the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education. In addition to the regular course offering PRMS offers an early French Immersion program at grade 6, 7 and 8, Intensive French at grade 6 and Integrated French in grade 7 and 8. The school has a total enrollment of approximately 400 students and 45 staff members. Upon completing Grade 8, students leaving PRMS attend West Kings District High School in Auburn.




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Alert Messaging System Update: Check Your Contact Preferences


The Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education (AVRCE) uses the “Alert” messaging system in PowerSchool to send occasional texts and emails to notify parents/guardians of school cancellations (snow days) and other important information.


Our school uses the Alert system to send texts, emails and recorded phone messages for reminders, upcoming events and newsletters.


You can select how you wish to receive these notifications throuhg the Parent Portal.  Check out the September newsletter for more information.



To see our Daily Announcements and what is happening today at Pine Ridge, look under "News" and "Daily Announcements".  To see what is happening locally, select "EVENTS".







The school cafeteria would like to remind parents that they are full service and provide hot meals daily.  You may view the cafeteria menu on the PRMS website.

Parents are advised that PRMS main doors are unlocked at 8:30 am for bus students.  Walkers and students dropped off should arrive after 8:35 am.  Thank you for your cooperation.



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