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                                 625 Pine Ridge Ave

                          Box 279, Kingston NS   B0P 1R0

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Principal:  Karen Baker            Vice-Principal:  Catharine Rafuse

                                           Karen.Baker@avrsb.ca            crafuse1@gnspes.ca


Homeroom class lists are posted inside the school.  Thank you for your patience.

CAFETERIA SERVICES will be available September 12th.  Pizza orders for $2.00 a slice for September 8th and 9th.  Orders may be given to your homeroom teacher.                              

Updated class supply lists may be found in the June newsletter.

First day of school for students is Thursday, September 8th.

To see our Daily Announcements and what is happening today at Pine Ridge, look under "News" and "Daily Announcements".  To see what is happening locally, select "EVENTS".


                                                         Student Fees

For the 2016-2017 school year student fees will be $25 per student and $45 per family. Fees may be paid to the classroom teacher.




          Pine Ridge Middle School is a Grade 6 to 8 school located in Kingston, Nova Scotia and is part of the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board. In addition to the regular  course offering PRMS offers an early and late French Immersion program. Beginning in 2016-17, Pine Ridge will continue to offer the regular course offerings, as well as early French Immersion and Integrated French. The school has a total enrollment of approximately 375 students and 38 staff members. Upon completing Grade 8, students leaving PRMS attend West Kings District High School in Auburn.

          PRMS is a PEBS (Positive, Effective, Behavior Support) School. We identify and communicate to students positive behavior expectations and support them in meeting these expectations.




Documents and Forms    Continuing School Improvement Annual Report June 2015
   Continuing School Improvement Annual Report June 2014



Pine Ridge Middle School

625 Pine Ridge Avenue / PO Box 279

Kingston, Nova Scotia, B0P 1R0